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Complete our 3-click registration and start trading immediately with virtual funds. You can follow our Star Traders!


As soon as you are ready, upgrade to a LIVE account to start trading real funds with zero trading commission.

Wait, what does Forex even mean!?

Good question; its short for Foreign Exchange Market. Which is a market with no central location opposite to NYSE: New York Stock Exchange for example!

And what exactly happens there? People and traders buy, sell or even exchange currencies at prices that change based on supply and demand and in most times news.
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Follow the Stars' Recommendations

Every professional used to be a beginner at some stage. This is why we introduced Star Traders’ recommendations to help you kick off your trading. Check their moves and learn different trading strategies.

Harborx Stars are traders with years of experience in the industry. By following the Stars you can learn a lot and get your portfolio growing!

Compete with friends on the Leaderboard!

With the Leaderboard, trading feels like a game where traders compete to be on the top. The system compares weekly trading performance relative to other traders on Harborx App based on profit percentage.

Every week, top 3 traders will receive a bonus of USD 100, USD 50 and USD 25 respectively. The bonus amount will be automatically added to your account by the end of each week (Sunday).

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Get Paid When They Sign Up

You get $10 for each new user once they validate their account

Wow! $10 to each Friend too

Anyone who join will also receive $10 bonus by using your code

Up to 100 Registration

The maximum referral bonus you can be receive is from 100 people

How to Invite?

You can share your code via SMS, email or even social media!


We are a licensed and regulated EU broker (CySEC license #230/14)!

Balance Protection

Leveraged trading could potentially put your balance into a negative territory, but we have a negative balance protection policy that prevents you from entering into debt.

Insured Funds

We are a member of the Investor Compensation Fund which insures your deposits. You can claim for compensation in the event we are unable to fulfill our obligations.

Fast Execution

Our data centers are located in the heart of global financial centers with 24/5 performance monitoring and prudent redundancy setup. You will be trading in a low latency environment.

Customer Support

We take pride in delivering excellent customer service experience. Feel free to leave us your feedback and complaints. We will do our best to anticipate your needs.

Our vision

Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there.

Harborx is a FinTech startup created with the mission to simplify currency trading (forex), making it fun and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Be Smart and Learn

Use your time on a smartphone to learn how to trade and to perfect your trading skills while having fun and competing with friends and traders from all over the world.

Extra Income

In addition to easy learning, Harborx app brings users the unique opportunity of earning additional income, which can be quickly withdrawn and spent.

Trading; Game Simple

We want to deliver a game-like experience of trading and to have an appealing and social aspect. Competition and Achievements to keep you checking the market movements.

ZERO Commissions

We offer real-time market data, trades execution with zero percent on your trading profits. Harborx is also not charging anything on deposits and withdrawals.


Our goal is to establish a network of traders to assist and support beginners, while making trading fun!

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We are a driven international team of cross-industry professionals with headquarters in Cyprus. Our experts have various backgrounds ranging from electronic trading, broker, dealer, compliance, fund accounting, to digital media. Yes, we rock!